Running hREA Backend

These are instructions for doing set up, and running, of a holochain runtime on your device containing the hREA hApp, for the sake of a development environment.

Before trying to develop a user interface or service on top of hREA, you need to be running the hREA backend, within a holochain runtime.

Download the hrea_suite.happ file from this hREA release.

You need to install some packages to your command line, which you can do manually, or via the nix-shell dev environment manager. There are instructions for either way that you choose right below this, just click to expand the section you would like to follow.

With Nix-shell (not ready)

Needs updating... coming soon.

Without Nix-shell

Install Rust, if you don't have it installed already.

Install the following to your system, via Rusts package manager "cargo".

The following installs a holochain developer tools binary to your system, accessible as the binary hc on your system.

cargo install holochain_cli --version 0.1.3 --locked

The following installs the core holochain runtime to your system, accessible as the binary holochain on your system. It can be used directly, or implicitly via the hc sandbox calls that we make next.

cargo install holochain --version 0.1.3 --locked

The following is the secure private key enclave that holochain uses for cryptography. It is available as a binary on your path lair-keystore, but holochain manages these subprocesses automatically on your behalf.

cargo install lair_keystore --version 0.2.3 --locked

Set up a holochain development "sandbox". A temporary directory on your file system that will store all your keys and data for the hREA happ that you are about to install and run. network quic is there to instruct holochain to use a specific kind of networking, known as quic.

echo \"pass\" | hc sandbox --piped create -n 1 -d hrea_tester network quic

Install the hREA hApp to your holochain sandbox. Make sure you use the right path to wherever on your filesystem you have hrea_suite.happ file that you downloaded.

echo \"pass\" | hc sandbox --piped call install-app ./hrea_suite.happ

Start your holochain "sandbox" runtime, attaching ports for admin level websocket server on port 4001 and for an app level websocket server on port 4000.

echo \"pass\" | hc sandbox --piped -f=4001 run --all --ports 4000

You can safely stop and restart this particular process, and don't have to rerun the other steps. This is the process that you must have running in order to develop a user interface or service with an hREA backend.

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