Graphql API Reference

General Information

All time values need to be in ISO format, such as

hasPointInTime: "2022-06-09T18:51:57.105Z"

There are a number of queries and mutations that appear in the specification, but are not yet implemented. Avoid those ones by checking that their "status" is "Implemented" in the relevant module section that mentions it. You can put the method in the search box in these docs to find it. Those methods will also throw a 'not yet implemented' error if they are called.


Each of the items listed below is what is known as a Valueflows Module. They can be individually enabled, and so looking at each one specifically will tell you which Graphql queries and mutations are accessible.


Note that Observation module below includes both the key Economic Resource and Economic Event classes, unlike many of the other modules which contain one primary class definition

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